Film/Television - (acting)

Jeremey most recently can be seen in feature film "Alberto and the Concrete Jungle" (2020) directed by Chris Shimojima, as a featured Nazi soldier on Amazon Studio's "Hunters," and in "Execution" the new short film from artist/director Stavit Allweis to be released fall 2020.

Acting Reel 2020


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Five Fingers Make a Fist - (music)

Under the alias: KORREA, Jeremey is the lyricist for the bi-coastal hiphop group, Five Fingers Make a Fist.  With DJ MAUP9000, Five Fingers has released a trilogy of Ep's, multiple mixtapes, and plan to release a LP late 2020.

Five Fingers Make a Fist

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KORREA mixtapes

Black Falls Legacy - (podcast)

Available on Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, and every major platform, this original narrative podcast is written and performed by Jeremey Catterton with music and co-production by Nicole Tollefson.

Black Falls Legacy podcast

Music Videos - (directing)

Currently, in pre-production for a new cinematic narrative work, Jeremey has directed multiple music videos and art installations over the years and currently works with his company KORREA Productions.

Jeremey Catterton directed music videos

Lamb Lays with Lion - (theatre)

From 2007-2016, Jeremey was the founding artistic director of experimental theatre group, Lamb Lays with Lion.  After conceiving the manifesto for the "Theatre of Disruption," the company went on to adapt and shock audiences with performances of classic dramatic works like Chekhov's The Seagull and Tennessee William's  Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, that ratcheted anxiety for the performance and audience to transitory extremes.

Noted for their award-winning rock opera, with Minneapolis band Fort Wilson Riot, Idiguaragua, the Lamb Lays with Lion company fluxuated from as many as 27 members a production to as little as a duo for their touring show, Tenebrism.

Most notably, Lamb Lays with Lion performed over 20 original works and commissions at the Guthrie Theater, the Walker Art Center, the Southern Theater, The Rude Mechs' Off-Center (Austin, TX), Brooklyn's The Brick Theater, and off-broadway's The Tank.

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